Shop Quicker, Shop Less, Live Happier

Whether you love to shop or not, you will love the benefits of the shareable Shopping List feature on your Bievo organizer. Say you’re at work, but you’ve found a few minutes to start the week’s grocery list. Open up the grocery list app within Bievo, and consider who else might need to know about this, who can help or who may (there is always one) have last minute dinner requests or needs for lunch tomorrow? Bievo will not only notify them of the list, but it will—if you wish—ping them for input. After all, you may know some tricks, but mind reading is not one of them.

The shareable family shopping list saves you time and money! If Dad stops to grab a gallon of milk but forgets the apples, bread, and pasta, all he has to do is update the grocery shopping list and you’ll be notified of what items still need to be picked up! Rather than you and he, and perhaps your daughter all coming home and shoving a gallon of milk into the refrigerator door. 

With Bievo, you share a family grocery list, that can be added to and edited with instant notifications and updates of what is still on the grocery list or of any special or last-minute requests, while you’re still shopping!

Shopping lists are easy peasy (and almost fun) with Bievo.