Everyone Has a Role To Play!

Telling people what to do will get a lot easier with Bievo’s Task List feature. Old Way: 10 scraps of paper, illegible handwriting, lost after two minutes or you verbally ask, repeat, wait, ask again then repeat. New Way: What is there to do? Who do you want to do it? When should the task or chose be completed? And, for aesthetically pleasing fun and organizational purposes, what color will they be? BONUS: Let everyone pick their own color and have some ownership in the creative process.

Create a personal chore or task list and enjoy the satisfaction of ticking off the to-do boxes or build a shared family chore-list, assign daily or weekly activities to family members with a reminder, for when the chore or task action should be completed. If your family is like our’s, sometimes a little more encouragement is needed. Assign each chore a value (points) and view reports showing who completed the most important chores for the week. Once everyone realizes the completion of tasks and chores can earn them points, the household chore list becomes a fun family game!

Who says bribery doesn’t work…?