Let Your OCD Loose!

If you stop to think about it, you can dissect your life into a set of groups. You might have your immediate family, your extended family, your Jimmy Buffett friends, your work buddies—the list goes on. In the Group communication key feature of the Bievo app, you can create and organize as many or as few groups as you desire. Communicate with all or simply a select group, or engage in multiple communications with several different groups at once, it’s all up to you! By setting up a variety of permissions you share what you wish, with who and when. No muss no fuss!

This way, your “family laundry” discussion doesn’t get mixed into your “tailgating plans for Buffett” which may leave everyone confused.

“Please run all bright colored socks on a separate cold cycle, but be sure to pre-treat towels with margarita mix…” Wait, what?

Bievo’s in-app communication abilities are so powerful, you just might get an adrenaline rush!