Easier Co-Parenting with Bievo

Raising a family is hard enough without the complications of sharing information within your blended family or as a co-parent.

Bievo believes it’s crucial for separated or divorced parents to share information and providing co-parents limited access to specific information. By setting specific permission you keep your own (and stepfamily) information secure and private while granting limited access that provides co-parents the opportunity to participate and maintain a positive (and helpful) presence in everyday life.

It might feel like it sometimes, but you’re not alone in the awesome experience of parenting. Use the Bievo Co-Parenting key feature to clearly, respectfully communicate—in writing—goals  (like a child custody calendar), and to relay whatever is needed to maintain consistency. Sometimes, Co-Parenting can even involve four or more people. Utilizing the profile color coordination to set everyone “in your village” up for success!