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Your family is active and operating at full tilt. Ours is too! Think of Bievo as life’s GPS. We’re here to help show you the way and keep family life on an even keel. Busy moms and dads can use Bievo to tame the wild out of school scheds, carpooling, grocery shopping, doctor visits and … Figure out who was supposed to pick up Aunt Helen at the airport (3 hours ago)! We know, just like life, you’re not perfect. Let’s shoot for fabulously functional and keep you cruising along!

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Becoming Bievo

Hi! I’m Lynn, a mother of two and wife to an amazing husband (make that mother of 3). My husband TJ and I both work while our kids belong to every possible extracurricular activity known on the planet (at least some days it feels that way). Our busy schedules are likely not much different than yours.

As our family has grown, technology has changed and improved. Yet our ability to manage our personal lives, businesses, and our kid’s schedules, hasn’t gotten any simpler. Managing family life is never simple. It doesn’t matter whether you’re married, co-parenting or a single parent. Don’t get me started on caregivers and extended family!

Long story long: We’ve been unsatisfied with using the kitchen calendar, sticky notes, and the dozen (or so) “family manager” apps suddenly available for desktop and mobile. Like all Moms, I want to maintain “control” but I still want our children to be involved with their schedules, and I want them safe. What I don’t want is pop up ads.

So with priceless input from me, my husband (forever a DIY problem solver) decided to code a family management app that would actually work for our busy family. Trust me, this worked out much better than the time he “fixed” our bathroom plumbing.

A short time later, voila! My next (and last!) child was born. We named her Bievo (Best iEVent Organizer). Designed by family, built for necessity, Bievo is as much a part of our lives as Grammy, Grampy and our beloved dog Walden. We hope you and your family will find it as useful and easy to use as we have.

Thanks Sincerely,

Top Mom @Bievo