Set it, But Don't Forget It!

You’ve tried it. (We’ve tried it.) The cobbled together 12” by 17” calendar nailed to the kitchen wall and the box of 52 colored sticky notes just isn’t cutting it. With Bievo, Mom’s schedule, Dad’s schedule, Scotty’s schedule and Fido’s schedule (yes, dogs have appointments) become shared digital schedules that exist all in the same place, linked up and in sync. View all of your family activities, add and manage everyone’s coming, goings, pick up or drop-off needs with the freedom to revise or reschedule as needed. Bievo makes it simple to share and communicate the changes to your busy family instantly!

The Bievo Shared Calendar Feature is designed to connect and communicate the needs of busy couples and busy families, no matter how large or small, complex or straightforward their daily, weekly or monthly schedules are! Add events to your shared family calendar, set a start date, end date, and invite single or multiple family members, with customized reminder notifications! The fact that you can do it all from your desktop or on the fly with your mobile device, is a big winner with busy moms and busy dads!

You can still use your old system if you want to, but Bievo’s shared calendar feature is all you will ever need to plan with speed.