Amazing Features for Better Organization

Busy family life gets organized.


The Bievo Family Organizer App Does What?

Welcome to the most versatile family planning app around. From coordinating family schedules to task lists, our features make family organization a cinch.

Bievo Family Organizer App | Calendar Icon

Shared Calendars

Keep track of all family members’ going and doing with shareable calendars. Import the ones that already exist and easily create the rest. Sharing is caring, knowledge is power, and you’re going to have the best of both worlds. Believe it.

Bievo Family Organizer App | Task List Icon

 Task Lists

These lists go beyond shopping, to whatever you assign folks to do. You can stay organized with color-coded task and to-do list management that shows who’s in charge of what. You have the power!

Bievo Family Organizer App | Contacts Icon


In an emergency, or the daily hustle, having contact information for all of the important people in your life in one place is essential. This is that place.

Bievo Family Organizer App | Co-Parents Icon


Families look different these days. And why not? Whoever makes up your family can stay connected where it matters. Plus, limited access features and views means folks only see schedules and information they need to see — and nothing else. This is key for blended families!

Family Organizer App | Caregivers Icon


Your family breaks the mold, and sometimes it’s more than moms and dads. Designate family members as co-parents or caregivers so you can build the family in Bievo that looks like real life.

Family Organizer App | Family Information Icon

Family Information

This is a biggie! It’s your essential toolbox for storing medical, school, and work information in one central location. Again, you can selectively and securely share information with family members so they have the information they need when they need it. (Or not.)

Family Organizer App | Shopping List Icon

Shopping Lists

You shop multiple stores a week (sometimes more than once!) Keep your shops organized by creating and managing multiple lists. Shared lists let everyone add what they want when they think of it. Even during Adam’s final turn at bat in Little League. It happens.

Family Organizer App | Groups Icon


Are you tired of email chains? So are we! Use this setting to share schedules, import internet calendars, and exchange info! You can create lists to track who’s doing what, send instant messages (and still connect through email). You can selectively set permissions so members have the right information and the correct level of input.