Three hundred years later…

I have lived in Massachusetts for the past 25 years. The very first time I visited the Boston area I was overcome with the feeling that I belonged here. It was visceral and inexplicable. The history, the architecture, the cobblestones, the stone walls and winding back roads…. I was hooked and I loved it all!

When I started my genealogy research 5 years ago I didn’t have much more than a couple generations worth of names of people settling in the Mid-West. I was able to discover that my 6x Great Grandfather fought during the American Revolution and that my family had deep roots in New England!

This was exciting and intriguing given that nobody in my family had the slightest inkling of these facts. I figured that this must be why I feel such a bond with New England. That was until I uncovered information about my Patriot 6x Great Grandfather’s wife. Although he was born in Connecticut, she was born in Massachusetts. Further research uncovered that she was born in Concord, Massachusetts on the 26 of August, 1718. That fact took my breath away. My husband and I settled in Concord almost 20 years ago and have raised our children here. Unknowingly, almost 300 years after Rebecca, her 7x great grandchildren were born and raised in the same town as her! Now that is genealogy serendipity at its finest!

This coming August I will celebrate my family’s journey back to Rebecca and this town. I have yet to uncover more details about her time here, but I will honor her memory and her contribution to my family heritage. I now think about her while I walk through town. I ponder that I may actually be walking in her footsteps. On August 26, 2018 Rebecca’s 300th birthday gift will be that she is not forgotten by those who came after her.

I still have more to discover, so my climb through my tree continues.